Arsenal Soccer at Ultimate Goal

  • The Arsenal Academy is a truly unique and comprehensive instructional soccer player
    development program. Our Academy system emphasizes individual player development and
    excellence. The ultimate objective of the Academy is to provide players with the tools for
    success in the scholastic team environment and adequate preparation for college soccer if this
    is indeed something to which a player aspires. The Arsenal Academy philosophy is one that
    fosters strong collaboration with school programs while teaching each player in a truly holistic
    manner, embracing technical, tactical, ethical and psychological aspects of the game. The
    Arsenal Academy is also an affordable option in a world of costly and “match results” oriented
    clubs. Through quality coaching, character development, and playing opportunities, Arsenal
    Academy players improve their skills, self-confidence, knowledge, and enjoyment of the game.
    o Director of Coaching: Bill Donald
    o Academy website:
    o Agenda
     Our Arsenal Academy Commitment, Philosophy, and Guarantee-
    to all of Arsenal Academy players and families
     Logistical and organizational plans for the upcoming season
    (team selection, uniforms, winter plans, etc.)
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     Our Arsenal Academy Commitment, Philosophy, and Guarantee
    to all of Arsenal Academy players and families
    o Holistic player development-with equal emphasis on technical skills,
    tactical awareness—and playing the game with pride and class.
    o Provide players the opportunity to train and compete at a high level-with
    a reasonable commitment of time, one that provides time for “life besides
    o Retain a coaching staff committed to fully embracing the Arsenal Academy
    training system and methodology. Our coaches work to create an
    experience for their players, in which they learn to play the game, improve
    their skills and look to their coaches as professionals who exemplify
    quality leadership and character.
    o Collaborate to develop a healthy relationship with scholastic programs so
    players can have the opportunity to stay connected to their school teams
    without being forced to choose when scheduling conflicts arise.
    o Emphasize each player’s potential maximization-guiding each player
    through a structured and goal-oriented process of continuous development
    and most importantly,
     The benefits are clear:
    Instruction at each level is driven by a curriculum that is age specific
    and progression-oriented. Each session of the Arsenal Academy moves
    through logical progressions and maintains a continuous thread to
    maximize the player and team development. We will not provide random
    “coaching sessions”.
    3 Some really exciting features to help the development of Arsenal Academy players
  • The Arsenal Academy player development guarantee
    We understand that players at all ages and levels of play develop at
    different rates. Player progression is seldom uniform-and this naturally
    occurring aspect of any child’s development can become a source of
    frustration. We have an answer. We will redefine the Academy experience
    with our Arsenal Academy Skill Development System.
    As each player develops skills in different aspects of their game at
    different rates, we will constantly look for Arsenal players who will benefit
    from additional guidance and training in any aspect of their game (turns,
    moves, finishing, defense, team play, etc.).
    Coaches will monitor the progress of EACH PLAYER, constantly and
    actively, seeking any aspect of the game and development in a player that
    will benefit from additional training. This training (Skill Development
    System) will be provided regularly and as an integral part of the training of
    each member of the Arsenal Academy. The Skill Development System will
    be a part of all Arsenal Academy training beginning immediately.
     Logistical and organizational plans for the upcoming season
    Team Selections:
    o Each team will use the winter as an opportunity to select their rosters for
    the spring/summer outdoor tournament teams.
    o Age groups playing in competitive leagues/tournaments will choose their
    final rosters in late February to early March.
    o Each age group will have a roster as well as a player development pool
    throughout the year to help promote the best development for each player.
    Indoor league play:
    o Teams will play their indoor league play at the Ultimate Goal Family
    Sports Center. Teams will divide into small groups of players from their
    age group pool to create multiple teams within their framework. Some
    teams may play in divisions at least one year older and some teams may
    play in two or more divisions.
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    o League play provides ongoing opportunity for players to apply their skills
    in a competitive environment. Our objective from this competitive
    component is to provide players with experience and help foster and
    assess their development- not to take on a “win-now” mentality.
    Indoor tournaments:
    o All teams will play tournaments at The Ultimate Goal. Teams may play a
    tournament from time to time away from The Ultimate Goal. For teams
    that do travel to off-site locations for indoor tournaments, the cost is NOT
    covered in your package.
    Player fees:
    o Each team will have a somewhat different cost structure that will
    ultimately be dependent on the overall cost of training, competition, and
    equipment. We strive to keep the economics of this program at a
    reasonable level. The program is broken into three different sessions:
    Season Winter One to begin: The week of October 17
    th, 2016
    Team practice days/times to be announced
    “Off” months: August, September and most of October
    *Note - Individual training is available during off months.
    Season (Winter) One Per Player Academy Fees:
    Each team’s winter one session fees will be announced at the Information
    Meeting being held on Sunday, September 18
    th, 2016.
    Includes EVERYTHING except other tournament/competition opportunities:
     Two training sessions per week
     Professional coaching
     Competition (friendly games/league play)
     Two indoor tournaments at UG
     NYSW insurance
     Two Arsenal Academy Tops, One pair of Shorts and
    Any additional expenses will be allocated at the team level. You will be notified in
    advance of any expenses.